Friday, March 21, 2008

Site plan:
The green blocks are park settings in the city. The tan blocks are entertainment/informational centers in the city. With Portland being such a pronounced green city, I wanted to bring the park setting into my structure. My narratorium is the combination of these two aspects.
Experiential Study Drawings:
I Think that story telling can be divided into two classifications, sharing and listening.

Sharing side:
Listening side:
Experiential Drawings:

1. Threshold between SW Broadway Ave. and the outdoor auditorium 2. Main Entrance when the other doors are closed
3. Entering the 'sharing' side of the Narratorium
4. Cafe/bar that connects the 'sharing' and 'listening' sides.
5. Outdoor auditorium
6. Indoor auditorium
Narratorium: Final Plans & Sections
Study Models:
With each one of the studies I have the indoor and outdoor auditoriums working with each other. The auditoriums are tucked away in the "back" of the site, away from the street access. Through this process, the outdoor auditorium moved closer to the street but still had the hidden aspect when the doors are closed. A couple things I was working with was trying to screen, or create a filter to the outdoor auditorium. The main challenge was working out how the outdoor auditorium sat on top of the indoor one.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This section was a study of how the main ramp-ways in the narratorium work. I still took this into my final design.
This Section was my original understanding of how auditoriums fit together, and how the building might communicate with SW Broadway Ave.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The proposed site is on the corner of SW Broadway and Madison. The site is currently an existing gated parking lot with a advertisement billboard.